dissecto provides easy access to security diagnostics, analytics, and solutions while guiding you through security training and workshops.

Founded in 2022, by the maintainers and primary contributors to “Automotive Scapy,” a widely embraced packet manipulation tool in the automotive industry, dissecto specializes in simplifying security diagnostics, analytics, and solutions for embedded systems. Our flagship product, dissecto HydraVision, is an automated security test environment for electrical control units (ECUs), that detects and reports vulnerabilities. Alongside, we provide security training, pentesting and advanced hardware solutions like the dissecto HydraHat gateway.


Consulting & Development

dissecto assists you in testing the specific functions/security measures of your hardware. We specialize in the following:

  • Security tests of entire vehicles
  • Penetration tests of ECUs and embedded systems
  • Hardware-Security Analysis
  • Processor-Security Analysis
  • Proof of Concept Attacks and Showcases

HydraVision PaaS

HydraVision is a platform as a service, that integrates automated security testing into ECU lifecycles, ensuring compliance with the latest directives and standards like UNECE R155 and ISO/SAE 21434. New threats reported by developers, dissecto research or third parties such as Auto-ISAC are proactively monitored and tested, without the need to create new attack vectors against your system

Hardware & Software

HydraHat is a dual CAN FD to Ethernet Gateway providing reliable and efficient data communication

HydraProbe is a Test Interface that plays an important role within our HydraVision environment

HydraScope is an ISOTP and UDS protocol scanner that enables users to communicate with Electronic Control Units (ECUs)

Workshops & Training

For over 8 years, we’ve constantly been developing our systems and practices, so we can help aspiring automotive security specialists or any person who wants to improve in this challenging field. Learn more about cybersecurity, from the basics of protocols and reverse engineering to hacking real vehicles and control units. Accompanied by practical exercises and anecdotes

What we do

How we do

“… We experience you as a valuable and professional partner. Taking this opportunity, we would like to emphasize that we highly appreciate your profound know-how, expertise and the effort you have put to help further secure our vehicles …”

Adi Ofek & Daniel Eitler, Mercedes Benz Group AG

Benefits of our All-in-One Offerings

By combining SaaS technology, customer support, and our expertise, we developed a test management system allowing us to offer cost-effective embedded system security (ESST) testing services. The (SaaS) model allows us to provide a low-cost, high-quality product developed by our ESST experts team. This automated testing tool is now being used by companies worldwide.

The basis of our USP is formed by several years of research and development, which enables us to implement our product and offer our services in the first place. Best practices and uniform procedures combined with experience gained in the service area fuel further product development and standardize future service projects.

As security becomes increasingly important, software error and security tests must be performed more comprehensively. Our test management system performs automated security tests on embedded systems. Every test can be carried out at any time, and it is traceable and reliable. Adding to that, our test management system is flexible and scalable.

Join us @ ScapyCon

Join us on September 18th and 19th, 2024, at Techbase Regensburg for an event designed to expand your skills and knowledge in utilizing Scapy, the premier Python program for packet manipulation. ScapyCon combines a traditional conference experience with an optional workshop. Despite the addition “Automotive”, ScapyCon potentially covers the whole spectrum of applications, from aviation to IoT. Find out more about the location, catering and social activities surrounding the event by following the link below. If you’re Interested in becoming a Speaker at ScapyCon, you can apply via the event page.

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