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dissecto provides easy access to security diagnostics, analytics, and solutions while guiding you through security training and workshops.

Let dissecto help you manage and automate the security testing of your hardware and software design that employs embedded systems. We are here to help you from the development phase up until the end of the product life cycle. dissecto also provides training about automotive networks, controllers, and systems security. Moreover, we offer software that can help with your security checks.

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Product Focused Testing

dissecto experts can aid you in testing specific functions/security measures of your hardware. With our experts, we can easily perform microcontroller pen tests using the black-box, grey-box, or white-box approach.

We specialize in the following:

  • Security tests of entire vehicles
  • Penetration tests of ECUs and embedded systems
  • Hardware-Security Analysis
  • Processor-Security Analysis
  • Proof of Concept Attacks and Showcases

Automotive Systems Pen-Test Factsheet

Hardware Security Pen-Test Factsheet

Automotive Security Training and Workshop

For over 7 years, we’ve constantly been developing our systems and practices, so we can help aspiring automotive security specialists or any person who wants to learn this challenging field.

Here, you can learn more about:

  • The basics of automotive protocols
  • All attack surfaces on modern ECUs
  • Reverse engineering techniques to overcome problems
  • Tools and background information about the hacking of real cars and ECUs
  • Automation strategies for automotive network security and system security assessments.

Training Factsheet


HydraScope is our software that allows you to automate security scans for vehicles, such as UDS Protocol Scanners. This powerful software enables you to save time in identifying your attack surfaces. With HydraScope, you can easily map and identify weaknesses and problems on your network buses.

Download HydraScope


Get detailed reports for weaknesses in your hardware with the fully automated test system of HydraVision. dissecto constantly focuses on new threats, so you don’t have to create new attack vectors against your hardware and software. With the HydraVision, you have the option to use either on-premise, off-premise, or hybrid cloud solutions to work with.

HydraVision Factsheet

HydraHat - Dual CAN FD to Ethernet Gateway

The HydraHat is a high-performance device that seamlessly connects your CAN FD network to an Ethernet network, providing reliable and efficient data communication. With its advanced features and robust design, this gateway is the perfect solution for bridging the gap between your CAN-based systems and Ethernet infrastructure.

HydraHat Factsheet

Unlock the Benefits of our All-in-One Offerings

Time and Cost-Efficient

By combining SaaS technology, customer support, and our expertise, we developed a test management system allowing us to offer cost-effective embedded system security (ESST) testing services. The (SaaS) model allows us to provide a low-cost, high-quality product developed by our ESST experts team. This automated testing tool is now being used by companies worldwide.


The basis of our USP is formed by several years of research and development, which enables us to implement our product and offer our services in the first place. Best practices and uniform procedures combined with experience gained in the service area fuel further product development and standardize future service projects.

Close the Security Gap

As security becomes increasingly important, software error and security tests must be performed more comprehensively. Our test management system performs automated security tests on embedded systems. Every test can be carried out at any time, and it is traceable and reliable. Adding to that, our test management system is flexible and scalable.


Alexander Meisel

Alexander Meisel

Dr. Nils Weiß

Dr. Nils Weiß

Enrico Pozzobon

Enrico Pozzobon


Expertise Spotlights

dissecto is dedicated to improving automotive system security, so we engage and challenge ourselves to learn more about it. We have been part of seminars and training that aim to provide more people with a more secure environment when using their automobiles.

You can check out more of our engagement with this field through the following videos:

  • TROOPERS23: Fault Injection Attacks on Secure Automotive Bootloaders

    TROOPERS23: Fault Injection Attacks on Secure Automotive Bootloaders

    Nils Weiss and Enrico Pozzobon

  • Relay Attack applied to NFC Virtual Car Keys

    Relay Attack applied to NFC Virtual Car Keys

    Enrico Pozzobon

  • From Blackbox to Automotive Ransomware

    From Blackbox to Automotive Ransomware

    Nils Weiss and Enrico Pozzobon

  • Bringing light into the Black Box

    Bringing light into the Black Box

    Nils Weiss and Enrico Pozzobon

  • TR19 Automotive Penetration Testing with Scapy

    TR19 Automotive Penetration Testing with Scapy

    Nils Weiss and Enrico Pozzobon

  • TR19 SIM Simulator

    TR19 SIM Simulator

    Enrico Pozzobon

  • TROOPERS22 Automotive Network Scans with Scapy

    TROOPERS22 Automotive Network Scans with Scapy

    Nils Weiss and Enrico Pozzobon

  • TR19 IoT backdoors in cars

    TR19 IoT backdoors in cars

    Nils Weiss and Enrico Pozzobon

  • Fault Injection Attacks on Secure Automotive Bootloaders

    Fault Injection Attacks on Secure Automotive Bootloaders

    Nils Weiss and Enrico Pozzobon

Scientific Publications and Presentations

Our products and services are backed by years of research and published works. We have a strong background in the security of hardware and software design of integrated circuits and embedded systems, which makes us the best option for any security concerns in this field.

Network and Partners

References and Testimonials

Mercedes-Benz Group AG

"… We experience you as a valuable and professional partner. Taking this opportunity, we would like to emphasize that we highly appreciate your profound know-how, expertise and the effort you have put to help further secure our vehicless …"

The Complete Letter of appreciation from Mercedes-Benz Group AG →

We (the product development team for airbags) of Continental Automotive GmbH had the pleasure of attending a Security training with dissecto. The training covered topics such as CAN, ISO-TP, UDS, OBD, Ethernet, Reverse Engineering, Fault Injection, hacking with Python, Scapy and more. It was an extremely practical and hands-on training with a good balance of theory and application. We highly recommend this training to anyone looking to expand their knowledge in the field of Automotive Security. The trainers were knowledgeable engaging and provided valuable insights and practical examples throughout the training.

As part of the Scapy core team we are actively contributing to the automotive tooling

Funding and Investors