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Discover, Learn, Innovate: Elevate your Network Security with Scapy

Welcome to Scapy Con Automotive, a two-day immersion into the world of network packet manipulation with a focus on automotive applications. Join us on September 18th and 19th, 2024, at the Techbase in Regensburg for an event designed to expand your skills and knowledge in utilizing Scapy, the premier Python program for packet manipulation.

On Day One, join us for a classic conference experience featuring keynote speakers and industry experts, as they share insights and best practices for leveraging Scapy in automotive applications. Explore real-world case studies, discover innovative use cases, and network with peers who share your passion for network security and automotive technology.

Day Two kicks off with an intensive training session aimed at both beginners and seasoned professionals. Dive deep into the capabilities of Scapy as we explore its functionalities for sending, sniffing, dissecting, and forging network packets. Learn how to construct powerful tools for probing, scanning, and securing networks within the automotive industry. From basic tasks like scanning and tracerouting to advanced techniques such as DoIP and the reverse engineering of security algorithms, this training session will equip you with the skills to tackle any networking challenge.

Whether you’re a cybersecurity professional, network engineer, or automotive enthusiast, Scapy Con Automotive offers something for everyone interested in harnessing the power of packet manipulation tools. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to expand your skills, connect with like-minded professionals, and stay ahead of the curve in automotive cybersecurity. Reserve your spot today for Scapy Con Automotive!

Further information, detailed schedule and speaker announcements will follow at a later stage! Stay in the loop and never miss a beat! Follow us on LinkedIn for all the latest updates and information about the upcoming event.

About Scapy: 

Scapy, a Python program, revolutionizes network packet manipulation by offering extensive capabilities including packet sending, sniffing, dissecting, and forging. This multifaceted tool empowers users to construct bespoke solutions for network probing, scanning, and security testing. Unlike conventional networking tools, Scapy boasts an interactive interface enabling users to craft, decode, and interpret packets with unparalleled flexibility. Its domain-specific language simplifies packet description and manipulation, epitomized by its ability to describe packets in just a few lines of code. Scapy’s unique approach diverges from traditional tools by providing raw, uninterpreted data, facilitating nuanced analysis and eliminating biases inherent in interpreted results. With Scapy, users harness complete control over packet construction and analysis, elevating network exploration and security testing to new heights of precision and customization.