Enhance the security and performance of your systems with our comprehensive environment of products and services. We support you with solutions for the verification and validation of your security functions in your embedded systems. From classic pentest to fully automated security environment. In addition, our hardware (dissecto HydraProbe, dissecto HydraHat, dissecto HydraLink) and software tools (dissecto HydraScope), as well as customized workshops and training, enable your team to address the latest embedded security challenges.

Do you already know dissecto HydraVision? Our platform as a service seamlessly integrates into your CI/CD pipeline, providing automated security testing, continuous threat detection and detailed security reporting. HydraVision simply enables you to comply with every security standard that applies to your specific industry!

Embedded Systems

From your everyday coffee machine, toothbrush and smartphone to passenger aircraft – embedded systems are the backbone of modern technology, powering everything from consumer electronics to industrial machinery. Most of these devices are interconnected, offering potential gateways for hackers. Our penetration tests, trainings and consulting services help making your system resilient against internal and external threats, minimizing the chance of exploitation. So even if someone gains access to a device, he won’t be able to exploit the network.

Automotive Systems

The automotive industry is rapidly evolving, with advanced technologies driving the future of mobility. The interconnectivity of vehicles and fleets comes with special challenges for both manufacturers and suppliers while authorities are trying to keep up with dedicated cybersecurity regulations (e.g. UNECE R155/156 and ISO/SAE 21434). Our security test environment dissecto HydraVision has a proven track record in the automotive industry and helps you test and monitor the security of your devices. 

Industrial Systems

Critical for manufacturing and production, industrial systems require robust security and reliability to ensure smooth operations. While Industry 4.0 offers unparalleled connectivity and economic advantages, it also poses a huge risk to critical infrastructure. Hackers can find gaps in your perimeter and try to exploit them for personal gain (e.g. ransomware attacks). We at dissecto help to find these gaps and enable you to effectively comply with NIS2 and CRA (IEC 62345 standard).

Aviation & Aerospace Systems

Exploitation of aviation and aerospace systems might have severe consequences for the public. This critical infrastructure must be specially fortified and hardened against potential attacks. Respective regulations, such as DO-160G and ED-130, reflect these special requirements and are comparably hard to comply with. Our comprehensive security testing platform, dissecto HydraVision, helps manufacturers to constantly monitor their systems security in a cost-effective way.

Maritime Systems

There are several regulatory bodies being responsible for shipping companies around the globe (e.g. MO MSC-FAL.1/Circ.3, DNV GL “Cybersecurity for the Maritime Industry”, BIMCO “Guidelines for Cyber Security on Ships”, US Coast Guard (USCG) “Cybersecurity Guidance for the Maritime Industry”). Maritime systems are the backbone of global goods transportation and require robust security measures to ensure the safety and efficiency of vessels and their operations. We help you to navigate your systems through these troubled waters.

Defense Systems

Defense systems require the highest levels of security and reliability to protect national interests and ensure mission success. Exploiting weapon systems and weapons of mass destruction will have the most serious consequences. Therefor their security is of utmost importance. With our rigorous security testing and analysis services you can protect your defensive systems against emerging threats, ensuring the highest levels of protection and compliance with defense industry standards such as STANAG 4564. 

Medical Devices

These devices keep beloved people alive and failure of these systems might result in personal injury or death. Therefor stringent regulations apply (e.g. IEC 62304, ISO 14969, FDA Guidance for Cybersecurity Considerations for Medical Devices.) to secure these devices from exploitation. Our platform provides automated security testing, detailed vulnerability reports and continuous monitoring, helping you to easily comply with these life-saving regulations

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