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In 2016, the automotive industry found itself at a critical crossroads with the advent of increasing concerns regarding vehicle cybersecurity. As vehicles became more connected and technologically advanced, the vulnerability of automotive systems to cyber threats became apparent. It was during this time, that our Co-Founder Dr. Nils Weiß invented the automotive facet of Scapy, a packet manipulation tool, originally intended for computer networks. This innovation revolutionized vehicle penetration testing and sparked a series of advancements over the following years.

In April 2022, after years of research, Dr. Nils Weiß and Enrico Pozzobon joined forces with Alexander Meisel, a seasoned entrepreneur known for his previous success in founding a security start-up. Immediately captivated by the idea and with a keen understanding of the challenges facing the industry, they wasted no time in leveraging their expertise to address these pressing concerns. With the EXIST Transfer of Research initiative in the back, they quickly gained momentum, attracting notable clients like CARIAD, KTM, Allianz Zentrum für Technik, and ADAC.

Our colleagues also created some additional buzz in June 2022 with the disclosure of Bootloader Exploit Research at TROOPERS22, a well-known conference amongst IT-security aficionados. This trajectory persisted with the introduction of dissecto HydraScope, a state-of-the-art ISOTP and UDS protocol scanner, in November.

By May 2023, our first hardware product, the dissecto HydraHat CAN 2 Ethernet Gateway, was launched. With this physical product enhancing our portfolio, we were slowly building a reputation as trailblazers in automotive cybersecurity. Additionally, our dedication to quality was recognized with the ISO 9001 Certification later that year. 

In April 2024, dissecto is once again raising the bar with the official launch of dissecto HydraVision PaaS around embedded world 24. HydraVision marks the preliminary pinnacle of business operations for dissecto, providing a comprehensive and automated testing platform for embedded systems, effectively helping manufacturers to comply with UNECE/ ISO regulations. This achievement will swiftly be followed by ISO 27001 and TISAX Certification in May or June 2024.

Through continuous research, innovation and dedication, dissecto is meanwhile shaping the future of mobility and ensuring the safety and security of vehicles worldwide.

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“We (the product development team for airbags) of Continental Automotive GmbH had the pleasure of attending a Security training with dissecto. It was an extremely beneficial training with a good balance of theory and application. We highly recommend this training to anyone looking to expand their knowledge in the field of Automotive Security. The trainers were knowledgeable engaging and provided valuable insights and practical examples throughout the training.”

Continental AG

“We are particularly grateful for your support and recognize that you were able to identify and report the vulnerabilities precisely… We experience you as a valuable and professional partner. Taking this opportunity, we would like to emphasize that we highly appreciate your profound know-how, expertise and the effort you have put to help further secure our vehicles…”

Mercedes Benz Group AG

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